Cryptocoryne affinis Green

1 cup contains at least 4 bundle of 1 -2 plants. We promise wont be less then 4 good size plants. 🙂


Occurring in the Malay Peninsula, this plant has been used in aquaria for more than 50 years. It is quite easy to grow, but the availability of it comes and goes. The reason for this is that C. affinis is not an easy plant to propagate and mass produce; therefore, nurseries often opt not to grow the plant.

This attractive species varies in height from 4 to 12 inches, depending on conditions in the tank. The top side of the lanceolate leaves is a bright green with lighter vein patterns and often bullate (puckered; inflated like a blister), while the underside is bluish-red. Cryptocoryne affinis is a fast grower, as far as crypts go, under conditions to its liking. But it is prone to melting if the aquarium is not kept stable.