Root Booster 15 ml vial

This product comes in a 15ml falcon tube. Every 15 ml is for 30 -40 liters of water.

Please dose it right after your WC and reduce the WC volume to 15-20% as well as the nutrient dose for the first 2 weeks.

You  can resume to normal WC and nutrient dose on 3rd weeks onward.

Root booster is  highly effective for the first 2 weeks after dosing and the effect maintain up to 4 weeks.

You should see root growth in the first two weeks after apply.

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It is a chemical based compound.

It is fish & shrimp shrimp safe.

The purpose of using root booster is to promote root growth of your plant no matter how long your tank has been setup.

Healthy root lead to healthy plant and beautiful scape.