What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company (Such as Kiri) generate sales.

A unique ID link will be assigned to you and it can be used to direct traffic to our parent website.
Any purchases commit using your ID link will be accounted into your affiliate account and commission will be rewarded to you.

This program is a source of passive income for all approved affiliate.

How to become an affiliate to Kiri?

1st step: You need to register an user account under KIRI My Account . Please remember the email address & password use in this step.

2nd step: You need to register an affiliate account using same email address in 1st step under Affiliate Registration

Final step: Website Admin will notify you once your application has been approved. You need to login to affiliate account using the same email address and password in 1st step under Affiliate Login. In this step, you will be prompted to review the Terms. Agree to it and you will be an active affiliate.

Once login, check your account under Affiliate Home to obtain your account status and most importantly your personal link to be used on social medias.


*Cookies expiry is currently set to 32000 days which is approximately 100 years.