Cryptocoryne Tonkinensis

Care Easy
Lighting Low to Medium
CO2 Optional
Suggested Placement Midground to Background
Propagation Separate rhizome and plant
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Height 10-15″


Crypt Tonkinensis is a less common type of Crypt and has a look that differs from the rest of the Crypts that are commonly seen. Characterized by long and thin straw-like leaves, it can be found growing along streams and rivers located in Thailand and other South East Asian countries.

Although it doesn’t resemble the commonly seen Crypts, this plant requires the same care and is generally easy to keep for beginners. If planted in a quality substrate such as Marfied Controsoil, this plant can feed through the roots and grow quickly without the need for high light, CO2 or fertilizer dosing.

Propagation is done by splitting the rhizome or cutting off new growth and replanting