Hygrophila Pinnatifida

Placement: Midground and foreground

Care level: Medium

Propagation: Cutting

Height: 15-30cm

Width: 10-20cm

Water ph: 5.5-8

Water hardness: 4-20dgh

Temperature: 68-83F

Lighting: Medium-High

Growth: Slow-Medium

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Hygrophila pinnatifida is a stem plant from family Acanthacea. This hygro endemic plant mainly found in Asia, especially India. They grow on rivulets in western coastal area of India such as Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Although Hygrophila pinnatifida have been discovered in nature for 150 years, this plant was only cultivated as aquarium plant since 2008.


Differ from common Hygrophila, they grow attractive decorative patched leaves that acquire special colour when submerged in which the upper side appear brown to olive green while the underside kind of distinctive Burgundy red. In addition, there are also light yellowish pattern on lateral leaf veins that fork off the midrib. Hygrophila pinnatifida develop upright shoot and runner-like creeping shoots. These multiple ramified shoots in the end sprout their own roots and shoots. These shoots may remain short for a long period of time. Hygrophila pinnatifida have brown stem that grow the patched leaves making them look like rosette.


More intensive light, regular cutting of shoots tips, good nutrient, and CO2 supplement is recommended for more compact growth. More intense light will produce more beautiful leaves colour and will grow at best when planted on moist nutritious substrates. This plant develop small roots rather than deep. Therefore they grow attach to sand and gravel especially the horizontal side shoots. Hygrophila pinnatifida propagate best by cutting the runner-like shoots instead of top shoots. The sprouted roots plants from cultivated planta could establish faster. They are most

effective when planted in groups. They can be use as foreground when they are kept short or plant in middle-ground when growing them taller. As Hygrophila pinnatifida have quite dark colour spectrum, planting them among bright colours plant will highlight their charm. However, Hygrophila pinnatifida is susceptible to potassium deficiency and display symptoms such as small needleprick-like hole in older leaves.