Ludwigia arcuata – Red Plant

Scientific name: Ludwigia arcuata

Common name: Narrow leaf ludwigia

Origin: North America

Maximum height: 50cm/20”+

Width of each stem: 3-5cm/1.2-2”

Temperature: 20-28°C/68-82°F

Hardness: Very soft to medium

pH: 5.5-7

Light demands: Medium

Growth rate: Medium

Nutrient demands: Easy

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Red Plant!

Ludwigia arcuata is a popular stem plant used to add colour. However, it requires high levels of lighting and ideal nutrients to reach its bright red potential.

Suitable for background setting.

As with a lot of pigmented stem plants, nutrient levels also influence colour. Aquariums with low levels of nitrogen in the water column may see a deeper red. Care should be taken with CO2 in very brightly lit tanks to ensure no nutrient deficiencies can occur, leading to deformed or poor growth.