Myriophyllum “Guyana”

Placement: Midground and foreground

Care level: Moderate

Propagation: Cutting

Height: 5-20cm

Width: 2-3cm

Water ph: 6.5-7.5

Water hardness: 5-12dgh

Temperature: 65-80F

Lighting: Medium-High

Growth: Medium

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Myriophyllum or also known as watermilfoil is a genus from family haloragaceae. This genus consist of 69 species of freshwater aquatic plants found in Australia, North and Central America. ‘Myrio’ originated from Latinized Greek word which means “ten thousand” or “too many to count” while ‘phyllum’ means “leaf”. Watermilfoil is an invasive aquatic plants. This genus is well known to be aggressively invade lakes, natural waterways and irrigation canals in North America.


Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ on the other hand, is a newly discovered species which is rare commercially. They are commonly known as Guyana milfoil. There are no reliable information on the origin of the plant. Most of the early cultivator believed to obtain this plant from dealers in Japan and relating them of ‘French Guyana’. Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ are characterized by their light green colour and very fine leaves. The elongate stems are well-branched and appear densely ramifying.


Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ is very similar to Myriophyllum mezianum from Madagascar. However, Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ grows leaves with denser foliage, grow faster and easier to cultivate. Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ grow quite fast and easy to handle. This plant is an absolute choice for non-CO2 tanks as they do not require CO2 for growing. They are well adapt to wide range of environment, therefore they are great for beginners. The small size of the plant also making it ideal for nano tanks. Furthermore, the dense bush decorate the middle and background of even a large aquarium very well. They are propagated by cutting the runner-like branches which will eventually grow as a new plant separately.