Staurogyne repens 袖珍青葉柳

Tissue Culture Aquatic Plant Collection


Staurogyne repens is an excellent plant which is suitable for the foreground and central part of the aquarium. It grows best with moderate to strong light and the addition of CO2. For optimum growth organic rich substrate and good fertilizer should be added regularly in the aquarium which helps to produce lots of bright green leaves. The tank bottom should have a layer of aqua soil powder because it has the smaller granule size which allows the plant portions to be placed into it safely and securely. For perfect growth, the tank should have good water quality with pH of 6.0-8.0, hardness of 2-3 dGH and temperature of 68-820F. Individual shoots should be trimmed regularly in order to keep it confined to its spot without necessitating more drastic measures. It can grow slowly with strong roots which allow it to attach to driftwood or rock in your aquarium.